Sport in Kazakhstan. Famous people of Kazakhstan. (ағылшын тілінде ашық сабақ)

“Шығармалардағы әдіс –амалдарды жетілдіру” Ашық сабақ

Theme: Sport in Kazakhstan. Famous people of Kazakhstan.

Aim of the lesson: формирование коммуникативной компетенции обучающихся.

Задачи урока:

1) Educational-to acquaint students with a new vocabulary and expressions on a theme Sport in Kazakhstan. The famous sportsmen in Kazakhstan.

2) Developing-to develop the ability to combine facts, to analyze, to Express their point of view.

3) Bringing up-to develop a culture of behavior during the activity.


-тренировать и закреплять в речи обучающихся лексические единицы по теме;

-познакомить обучающихся с знаменитыми спортсменами нашей страны;

-формировать речевые навыки, обеспечивающие познавательно-коммуникативные потребности обучающихся;

-расширять словарный запас обучающихся

1) Educational-to acquaint students with a new vocabulary and expressions on a theme Sport in Kazakhstan.The famous sportsmen in Kazakhstan.


-развивать языковые способности и устойчивый интерес к изучению английского языка;

-расширять кругозор обучающихся при помощи мультимедийных средств

-развивать практические умения работе в группе.

2) Developing-to develop the ability to combine facts, to analyze, to express their point of view.


 3) Bringing up-to develop a culture of behavior during the activity.

способствовать воспитанию толерантного отношения к спорту,

способствовать воспитанию сотрудничества при коллективной работе;

спoсобствовать обогащению внутреннего мира  обучающихся.

The equipment of the lesson: activeboard, slides, cards, карточки на каждого ученика для групповой работы и чтения.

The types of the lesson: combined lesson

Plan of the lesson

  1. Организационный момент.
  2. Сообщение основных целей и задач урока.
  3. Основная часть:
  • Актуализация прежних знаний, умений обучающихся
  • Изучение новой темы
  • Закрепление, систематизация и обобщение знаний и умений
  1. Подведение итогов урока. Оценивание деятельности обучающихся, рефлексия.
Ход урока
  1. Organization moment. Организационный момент.

— Good morning, students! I’m glad to see you. Welcome to our English lesson! How are you today?

— Fine, thanks.

I’m fine too. If you are ready, let’s begin our lesson.

  1. Phonetical drill. Фонетическая зарядка. Мотивация. Сообщение основных целей и задач урока.

— Thousands years ago ancient Greeks said: “A sound mind is in a sound body.” Millions of people who go in for sports know from their own experience that this famous saying is true.

 — Let’s revise our poem. I’d like to read you a poem and you repeat after me in chorus

Sport is fun for girls and boys,                         You can swim and play football,

It’s much better than the toys                           Hockey, tennis and basketball

You can sledge and ski and skate                     You can jump and you can run

And play snowballs with Kate.                         You can have a lot of fun                                                                                                                                    

  1. Checking up the Hometask

Your hometask was to speak and show some presentation  about famous people of New Zealand. For today’s lesson our  students prepared their project works and slides, which they will protect.

  1. Explaining of the new theme “Sport in Kazakhstan. Famous people of Kazakhstan.”
Now I’d like to tell you about “Sport in Kazakhstan. Famous people of  Kazakhstan”. I hope it will be interesting for you.

1.That’s right. Sport is very important in our life and who tells me why?

(Обучающиеся отвечают:) Spоrt is important in our life because it helps us to be healthy.

Sport is important in our life because it helps us to be strong.

Sport is important in our life because it helps us to be cheerful.

  1. Do you like to go in for sport? (Учащиеся отвечают:) Yes, I like to go in for Sport?

What’s your favourite sport? (Учащиеся отвечают:)  My favourite sport is basketball.

What kinds of sports are popular in Kazakhstan?
How do you think, what is the most famous sport in Kazakhstan?
(Answers students) 

 At the beginning of our lesson let’s look on the board, please. (video about sport and photos of famous sportsmen )

Now think and answer: what is this lesson about? What us the theme? (answers students)
(ученик):Today we shall speak about Sport……    You are right.

We continue our work at the theme “Sport”. Today we’ll revise the material of previous lessons, speak about sport in Kazakhstan and find out new information.

Sports in Kazakhstan”

  Sports draws us for many reasons. It keeps us healthy and fit, teaches responsibility, gives us competition, excitement, creates communities… The list is endless! Kazakhstan is no exception for a sports community, so I’d like to share with my foreign friends about Kazakhs sports culture. I think every Kazakh citizen would agree that the most popular sport in our country is soccer (we call it football though). I assume, the other reason, besides it’s fun, is that soccer requires lesser equipment than any other sports. 

Boxing is the second most popular sport in Kazakhstan. Our Boxing Federation was formed in 1959 and has achieved a lot since then. Here are the achievements from the Olympic Games.

The third favorite sport in Kazakhstan is hockey. Team “Torpedo” from Ust-Kamenogorsk (East Kazakhstan) is the best hockey team in the country. Evgeny Paladyev from “Torpedo” is a three-time world champion, who played seven years for the Moscow “Spartak” team.

The fourth most liked sport is cycling. The main “engine” of popularity for cycling in Kazakhstan are the victories of the outstanding Kazakh rider Alexander Vinokourov.
  1. Listen it and repeat after the announcer.

Wrestling- борьба

Athletics- легкая атлетика

Basketball- баскетбол

Volleyball- волейбол                  

Boxing- бокс

Swimming- плавание

Tennis- теннис

Skating- конькобежный спорт

Football- футбол

Skiing- лыжный спорт

  1. Look at the screen! Who are these? Do you know their? (answers students)
Сomplete photos with sport. (Работа у доски).

Конькобежный спорт- Роман Креч

Sking-Алексей Полторанин

Фигурное катание- Денис Тен, Абзал Рахимгалиев

Hockey-Виталий Колесник ( Барыс)

Биатлон- Елена Хрусталева, Марина Лебедева, Дарья Усанова

Cycling- Александр Винокуров

Boxing- Серик Сапиев, Бахтияр Артаев, Gennadyi Golovkin

Track and field-Ольга Рыпакова

Weightlifting- Илья Ильин, Майя Манеза, Светлана Подобедова

– Thank you.
  1. Introducing of teams. Student’s presentations of their project works. Group work. Демонстрация презентаций на английском языке.

 — 1. Now it’s time to demonstrate your presentations. The 1st one is “Sport in KZ”. (первая группа демонстрирует свою презентацию).

– Thank you.

  1. Representatives of Sport in Kazakhstan
  2. Representatives of Sport in Great Britain.

Students tell me what it is …..

1)  It is the sport of riding a small sort of boat with a sail                       (wind-surfing). 
2)   It’s the sport in which acrobats and gymnasts jump up and down to perform exercises on a sheet of material tightly stretched to a metal frame        (trampoiling). 

3)   It’s jumping from an airplane with a parachute                                (parachuting). 
4)    It is the sport of climbing mountains                                                                                

  1. Answering the guestions by the cards. Indoor games and outdoor games.
  2. a) making kollazh by the kinds of Sport in KZ.

Students, as you see, you have magazines. Your task is to find some pictures, then cut it and speak about Sport of KZ  and about famous sportsmen of KZ.

  1. Working with the books. Matching definitions and the name of the sport of KZ. Page 167 Exercise 1.
  2. The Conclusive stage of the lesson. Подведение итогов урока. Оценка          знаний. Listen your marks …
  3. Evaluation of the students
  4. Hometask
— Your speaking was brilliant. Now you can have a talk about sport in Kazakhstan. I’d like you can write about it. Your home task will be to be ready for the topic “Popular sports in KZ”.

You were very active. I hope this lesson was interesting for you and you have known much new and useful information.

Thank you. This lesson is over. Good bye!

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