Ағылшын тілінен ҰБТ сұрақтары


 1. [aiə] дыбысы бар сөз

A) smile

B) nice

C) birth

D) fire

E) bird

 2. Артық сөз

A) knock

B) parties

C) cards

D) flowers

E) sweets

 3. Сын есімнің дұрыс нұсқасы

My … brother works in Almaty.

A) old

B) big

C) elder

D) more older

E) older

 4. Жұрнақ бар сөз

A) person

B) reelect

C) elect

D) nation

E) inheritance

 5. Етістіктің дұрыс нұсқасы

The sun … in the East.

A) was rising

B) is rising

C) rose

D) rises

E) risen

 6. To be, to have, to have got етістіктері дұрыс қолданылған сөйлем

A) What time are the news on TV?

B) She never has got lunch.

C) Twenty thousand pounds was stolen.

D) Gymnastics is my favorite sport

E) Physics were my best subject at school.

 7. ‘Used to’ қолданылған сөйлем

A) He used his knife to open the door.

B) I used my dictionary at the lesson.

C) You will soon use it.

D) She used to cry a lot as a child.

E) He didn’t use his dictionary.

 8. Сөйлемді дұрыс толықтырыңыз

After I _____ to the news, I _____ to bed.

A) has finished/went

B) had listened/had gone

C) has listened/go

D) have listened/had gone

E) had listened/went

 9. Сөйлемнің түрі

Here is a new culinary recipe.

A) the Exclamatory sentence

B) the Negative sentence

C) the Declarative sentence

D) the Composite sentence

E) the Imperative sentence

10. Сөйлемді аяқтаңыз

The citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and

Northern Ireland is ____.

A) Kazakh

B) British

C) Russians

D) Americans

E) Yankee

11. Мәтінді оқып, мазмұнына сай сөйлемді аяқтаңыз

We have an old musical instrument. It is called a clavichord. It was made in Germany in 1681. Our clavichord is kept in the living-room. It has belonged to our family for a long time. My grandfather bought it many years ago. Recently it was damaged by a visitor. She tried to play jazz on it. She broke two of the strings. My father was shocked. Now we are not allowed to touch it.

Recently a visitor tried to ________.

A) damage our living-room

B) buy two strings

C) play the clavichord

D) steal a piano

E) sell our furniture

12. Дұрыс жауап

Оne hundred and one minus forty-six is _____.

A) fifty-four

B) seventy

C) forty-four

D) sixty

E) fifty-five

13. Сөйлемді дұрыс толықтырыңыз

He is very good at _______.

A) painted

B) painting

C) the painting

D) paint

E) to painting

14. Синонимі «lively»

A) active

B) patient

C) shy

D) hardworking

E) intelligent

15. Сөйлемнің дұрыс аудармасы

Менің жақын жерде тұрмағаным өкінішті болған.

A) I sorry I live far from here.

B) I wish I had lived not far from here.

C) I live here.

D) I am sorry I live close to here.

E) I live near you house.

16. Сөйлемді толықтырыңыз

The retirement age is__ for men and ___for women in Britain.

A) 55, 60

B) 60, 68

C) 60, 65

D) 58, 60

E) 65, 60

17. Жауаптын дұрыс нұсқасы

The part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

A) England

B) Britain

C) Lock Ness

D) Spain

E) Highland

18. Сөйлемді толықтырыңыз

I hope ___ you this evening.

A) to be seen

B) see

C) to see

D) to have seen

E) seeing

19. Етістіктің дұрыс нұсқасы

They … all the money.

A) did steal

B) have steal

C) was stolen

D) had stolen

E) has stolen

20. Disjunctive Question бар нұсқа

A) This winter is not very cold, is it?

B) Does she come from the family of Donovan?

C) You have finished your work.

D) Did he travel to America himself?

E) When did she come?

Бір немесе бірнеше дұрыс жауабы бар тапсырмалар.

21. Есімшелік айналым бар сөйлем(дер)

A) In 2016 we will be studying at university.

B) The house is built of food.

C) The new lecture was interesting.

D) Astana is located in the center of Eurasia.

E) She went into the empty classroom.

F) Going to school I met one of my old friends.

G) We use dictionaries to do the homework.

H) While doing gymnastics I injured my knee.

22. Сөйлемді дұрыс толықтырыңыз

I _____ my glasses. _____ them anywhere?

A) have lost

B) did you see

C) loses

D) lost

E) have been

F) have been lost

G) have you seen

H) do

23. Бұрыс жазылған сөз(дер)

A) violet

B) convention

C) faitfulness

D) inaguration

E) exekutive

F) guarantee

G) amend

H) reject

24. Синоним сөз(дер)

A) give

B) trust

C) depend on

D) strict

E) assert

F) kind

G) support

H) encourage

25. Күрделі толықтауышы бар сөйлем(дер)

A) Her office is on the fourth floor.

B) My brother celebrated his birthday with his friends.

C) She would like her brother to get the first prise.

D) We heard him play the piano.

E) She has been reading this book for 2 days.

F) I came to the office in time.

G) He gave me a good advice.

H) Children love throwing snowballs.

26. Cөйлемдегі сөздердің орын тәртібін сақтаңыз

discussion, be, a, are, reports, usually, followed

A) Reports are followed by a discussion usually.

B) Usually, reports are followed by a discussion.

C) Reports are followed by usually a discussion.

D) Reports are usually followed by a discussion.

E) Reports usually followed are by a discussion.

F) Reports are by a discussion usually followed.

G) Reports usually are followed by a discussion.

H) Reports by are usually followed a discussion.

27. Герундий қолданылған сөйлем(дер)

A) The dog kept barking.

B) Swimming against the current is difficult.

C) She is going to leave for London.

D) He was silent waiting for a question from me.

E) Reading this book, I learnt a lot.

F) it was a fascinating book.

G) The trip was exciting.

H) The news was surprising for everybody.

28. Жіктік және тәуелдік есімдіктер бар сөйлем(дер)

A) Gulnar has a pet.

B) Aset wants to order some juice.

C) Help yourself!

D) There are nothing on the table.

E) Are there anything on the table?

F) This is her pen and this is mine.

G) His score was better than theirs.

H) Asel reads many books.

29. Бұйрық райдағы сөйлем(дер)

A) Turn off your mobile phone!

B) Put away your books!

C) You can put your books on the shelf.

D) The event was reported in all newspapers.

E) You shouldn’t tell it anyone.

F) Can you turn off your mobile phone?

G) If you study well, you’ll get a good mark.

H) I can give you an advice.

30. Шақтардың қиысуының дұрыс нұсқа(лар)

She … she … and see us on Friday if that …all right.

A) said, is coming, is

B) said, would come, was

C) says, would come, was

D) said, will come, is

E) said, comes, is

F) said, came, was

G) say, comes, is

H) says, will come, is


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