People and places тақырыбында ағылшын тілінен ашық сабақ

“Шығармалардағы әдіс –амалдарды жетілдіру” Ашық сабақ


Unit Fantasy world School: 26

Approve a plan: head of studies Uteulieva R.Sh

Teacher name: Bolysbekova A.B.

Grade: 5 Number present: absent:
Theme of the lesson: People and places
Learning objectives:

5.UE6 to study the usage of plural forms of noun;

5. W3 write with support factual descriptions at text level which describe people, places and objects

5.S7 use appropriate subject-specific vocabulary and syntax to talk about a limited range of general topics

Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to:

— to learn and practice how use plural forms of noun;

Most learners will be able to:

— to learn describe place and people

Some learners will be able to: to talk and write about place and people

Target language All words which learnt in last lesson.
ICT skills pictures, grammatical materials, ICT, flipcharts, lists, Youtube channel
Previous learning Correction work and Unit revision
Planned timings Planned activities Resources

5 min

Teacher will greet with pupils. Pupils will respond to greeting and take their places:

-Who is on duty today?

-Whаt’s date today?

-Whаt’s day in a week?

-What’s the weather today?

-Who is absent today?

-What’s your homework?

Teacher will check their homework. For it teacher will use ball. Teacher will give ball to every pupil with saying verb in present simple and students must say this verb in form of past simple.

-Are you ready to start today new lesson?

Psychological atmosphere: All student will turn to each other and say: Today lesson will be funny!!!




5 min

Method of Brainstorming
Then teacher ask to student:
-If we will be in another country, and local inhabitants don’t know about our hometown. What will you do? (Maybe answers: We will say about town. We will show our city’s picture, photo. We will give information.)
Thank you, your answers. All of you are right. We describe our hometown. Our new unit called Fantasy world. And our new team is Place and people. I will explain to you today new words. So we will learn how to describe our hometown and people. For it I want to explain for you with singular and plural nouns (showing grammar video “5th Grade Singular and Plural Nouns”)

Then pupils will give examples on exercises 1 page 26, they need find plural forms.


Youtube channel


Lead in. Activity 1 (individual work)

-This is our world map. There are a lot of interesting, beautiful places. Every places have magic lists. You must choose any place what you like and write sentence with plural forms of noun on the blackboard (to rise their grammar and writing skills).

1. Womens live longer than mens

2. There are three zooes in the four citys close to my house

3. Those peoples are walking like gooses

4. George caught six fishes on the trip

5. Nancy cut both her foots on two large cactuses

6. Mr.Jack has 6 childrens.

7. There were two cat playing in the yard last night

8. We saw five sheeps for everyone for Christmas

9. Three blind mouses is a nursey rhyme

10. There are flower in this vase.


to correct the mistakes in sentences

World map cards

Physical minute

2 min

-Do you know what is Australian rain? Ok, let’s do Australian rain for our relax time. ICT
7 min

10 min

Activity 2 (individual work)

-I’ll give you text about “My grandparents farm”. You must read and put correct form of plural nouns.(rice reading and memorization skills)

My family and I love to go to my grandparents’ farm, but when I arrive there, I really like to take some ____________ (bus) to have the opportunity to know new ____________ (person) and even some new ____________ (student). My grandfather often loses the ____________ (key) of his truck and my grandmother loses her ____________ (glasses). They always ask us to help them to find those ____________ (object). Near the farm, I can see different ____________ (animal) and ____________ (insect) like: ____________ (monkey), ____________, (cow), ____________ (goose), ____________ (deer), ____________ (fish), ____________ (mouse), ____________ (sheep), ____________ (butterfly), ____________ (donkey), ____________ (bird), ____________ (fox) and ____________ (wolf), too!!. My grandfather brings me some fresh ____________ (tomato) , ____________ (grape), ____________ (egg) and ____________ (potato). On Sunday mornings I like to catch some ____________ (apple) and ____________ (cherry) on the ____________ (tree), prepare for breakfast ____________ (toast), ____________ (tea), some ____________ (bread) and ____________ (milk). There are many ____________ (church) open, so I visit them with some ____________ (child) that live in that place. My ____________ (day) in the farm are really nice.


  • to read text and put correct form

Activity 3 (group work)

-Please, divide into two groups: Astana and Almaty.

Teacher will give each group lists and pupils. Students must find a suitable picture of landmarks, buildings, sights and stick them. And then describe your city.


— to learn describe place and people

— to talk and write about place and people

Lists with text

Flipcharts, pictures

Assessment 2 min
The teacher will hand out the pictures to the students: the plane, train, bus, according to assessment: the airplane to students who were the best in the classroom, train to students who made mistakes, the bus that needs to be more active. pictures



2 min

— Children, our lesson is over. Express your reflection on the lists which I have given for you.

Reflection 2-2-2

  • 2things I have learnt _____________
  • 2 tasks or activities where it was difficult for me ________
  • 2 parts of lesson which did today lesson interesting ______

-All of you were active and excellent. Give home task to next lesson and explain how do it: WB p.18 and write Kazakhstan factfile.– Good buy, my dear pupils.

Good buy, my friend,

Good buy!

See you later,

Bye, bye!

Additional information

Differentiation – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?

Support for weaker students: to do simple exercises, help them when they doing exercises.

Challenges for more able students: Encouraged to do more or difficult exercises; assist weaker pupils. For example: writing topic with personal pronoun.

Assessment – how are you planning to check learners’ learning?

Checking the task

Feedback on the work: -Children, please answer my question. What do we learn in today lesson? Which are difficulties in our lesson? Do you enjoy this lesson?

Health and safety check
ICT links
Video, PPT


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