The fauna of Kazakhstan (Ашық сабақ)


Grade:8 a

The theme of the lesson׃ The  fauna of Kazakhstan


1.Educational:to enrich pupils’ knowledge about living world, animals

  1. Developing:To develop pupils logical thinking, reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills;
  2. Bringing -up: to instill a love for animals, to develop interest to learn English.

The type of the lesson:Mixed

The method of the lesson: question-answer, individual work, reading and speaking

The visual of the lesson:  pictures, the interactive  board, computers.

Connection with other subjects: Kazakh, Biology, Geography

The procedure of the lesson׃

  1. Organization moment

Greeting, checking up the attendance, asking the day and the date.
— Good morning, children!
— Who is on duty today?
— Who is absent?
— What is the date today?

  1. Checking the homework: ex4,p.132 Fill in the gaps with was/were

III. Warm up    Game: «Linking words«

  1. New lesson: Brainstorming:

-How do you think, what is the theme of our lesson ?

P: The fauna of KZ

Well, children let’s begin our lesson. Today we have a new lesson and an interesting lesson, because today   we   speak about the fauna  of Kazakhstan .

  1. Phonetic drill

[u:]-roots, coots,moose, goose

[ou]- flows,close, erode, no,grow, dodo





V.Work with the new words

Species[ˈspiːʃiːz]  – түрі                                    Mammal [ˈmam(ə)l] – сүтқоректі       Amphibian[amˈfɪbɪən]  – қосмекендіReptile[ˈrɛptʌɪl]  – бауырымен жорғалаушыMoufflon[ˈmuːflɒn]-жабайы қой                      Saiga [ˈseɪɡ]  – ақбөкен   Marten[ˈmɑːtɪn]  – сусар



Extinction [ɪkˈstɪŋ(k)ʃ(ə)n] – жойылу, өшу                Gopher[ˈɡəʊfə]  — саршұнақ

Gazelle[ɡəˈzɛl]  – қарақұйрық                      Elk [elk] – бұлан

Deer[dɪə] — елік                                      Badger[ˈbadʒə] – борсық                               Marmot  [ˈmɑːmət]– суыр


Ex2,p.132    Listen to the poem, read it

  1. Read the text. «The fauna of KZ«

Answer the questions

1.How many species of mammals are there in KZ?

2.What kind of animals live in Betpakdala?

3.Where can colonies of pelicans be found?


Let`s watch video about Snow leopard.

Answer the questions?

  1. Where do snow leopards live? (in the mountains)
  2. What do snow leopards eat? ( they eat wild sheep and goats)
  3. How many snow leopards are there in Kazakhstan? (4080)


Task 1.Choose the correct words

  1. Snow leopard have got big / thick fur
  2. Their fur hides/protects them from the cold
  3. Snow leopards usually come/walk out at night
  4. They rarely survive/attack humans
  5. They leave/jump tracks in the snow.
  6. The snow leopard is a ghost /endangered species

YIII. About Red Data bookPresentation of the pupils

  1. Match the animals with their habitats

Jungle            Ocean             Desert

Words: Whale, snake,octopus, wolf, shark, zebra, lion, camel, lizard, monkey, giraffe, dolphin

  1. Describe the animals

XI.Tasks for weaker class

1.Find the missing letters

  1. D_ g 2. Rabb___t 3. H__rse
  2. C____mel 5. B___ar         6. Eleph___nt

2.Match the words with their translations

a)Tortoise                                       1. тиін

  1. b) Deer аю
  2. c) Bear тасбақа
  3. d) Lion елік
  4. e) Squirrel арыстан


For a stronger class   ex6,p.141   Translate the sentences

  1. Барлық ірі мысқтар-жабайы аңдар
  2. Жылан-қауіпті жануар
  3. Кейбір жануарлар шөлде қыстайды


XII.Focus on grammar. There is/there are

Ex4. Make up sentences with the help of the table


XIII. Conclusion of the lesson.

Reflection : Self assessment

Learners are given sticky papers to write their opinion on the lesson, they should write 1.«+« What I liked most

  1. «—« What I don`t understand.
  2. «?« What I want to know more about.

HomeworkTo retell the text “The  fauna of Kazakhstan”

The lesson is over.  You may go out.  Good bye!

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