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 1. Слова с І типом чтения гласных звуков

A) noisy

B) dirty

C) big

D) slow

E) be

 2. Дополните предложение правильно

The cost of entering a place is ______.

A) price

B) discount

C) sale

D) cost

E) admission

 3. Подходящее местоимение

To be or not to be ____ is the question.

A) they

B) that

C) the

D) those

E) these

 4. Эквивалент выделенной части предложения

I wear size 36 shoes.

A) thirty-six

B) three and six

C) three sixth

D) three and the sixth

E) thirty sixth

 5.Верная глагольная форма

A woman dressed in red entered the house.

A) Past Indefinite

B) Gerund

C) Present Participle

D) Infinitive

E) Past Participle

 6. Дополните предложение верно

Canada is very ____ in forest, minerals and fur bearing animals.

A) rich

B) so rich as

C) richer

D) as rich as

E) richest

 7. Предложение с правильным порядком слов


A) Is married your sister?

B) Is your sister married?

C) Married sister is your?

D) Sister your is married?

E) Your sister is married?

 8. Правильный вариант косвенной речи

“I always revise my lessons,” Marzhan said.

A) Marzhan said that she always revise her lessons.

B) Marzhan said that she always revises her lessons.

C) Marzhan said that she has always revised her lessons.

D) Marzhan said that she always revised her lessons.

E) Marzhan said that she always have revised her lessons.

 9. Правильный вариант глагола

There ____ much flour in the bag.

A) aren’t

B) are

C) isn’t

D) were

E) weren’t

10. Дополните предложение правильно

Head of the UK is _____.

A) Prime Minister

B) the King

C) the Princess

D) the Prince

E) the Queen

11. Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопрос


My most Exciting Experience

Last summer my family and I went to a campsite near the river in the south of France. We put up our tent on the hill at the end of campsite. One evening all the campers were sitting in front of their tents. Suddenly it started to rain heavily. People picked up their things and ran into the tents. It rained all night.

Next morning I got up early because I heard noise from the outside. I looked out of the tent and saw the campsite was under the water. A lot of campers were running about and looking for their things in the water. I tried to help an English family with their tent. When the police arrived, they closed the site. The river was flooded by the rains! It was dangerous to stay there any longer.

We were very lucky, because our tent was on the hill. My family and I left the campsite that day. It was an exciting experience, but I hope it won’t happen again.

Why did the police close the site?

A) It wasn’t safe to stay.

B) They were looking for their things.

C) The campsite wasn’t on the hill.

D) The river was flooded by the rains.

E) Our tent was on the hill.

12. Дополните предложение

The city is _____ than the country.

A) dirtier

B) dirty

C) as dirty

D) dirtyer

E) dirtiest

13. Правильное наречие

I really worked _____ all week.

A) more hard

B) harder

C) hardest

D) as hard as

E) hard

14. Подходящий фразовый глагол

The weather is fine, I’ll _____ a walk with my friends.

A) go off

B) go over

C) go on

D) go through

E) go for

15. Дополните предложение

He asked me where I ______.

A) has lived

B) was lived

C) lives

D) lived

E) will lived

16. Вид предложения

I always drink coffee in the morning.

A) Conditional sentence

B) Interrogative sentence

C) Negative sentence

D) Affirmative sentence

E) Question sentence

17. Дополните предложение верно

Deputies of the Senate are appointed by ___.

A) the Ministry of the Republic

B) the population of the Republic

C) the people of the Republic

D) the President of the Republic

E) the Prime Minister of the Republic

18. Правильный вариант глагола

Jack gave up _____ two weeks ago.

A) smoke

B) smoking

C) smoked

D) to smoke

E) to smoking

19. Дополните предложение верно

She is very ______ because it’s her birthday tomorrow.

A) most excited

B) exciting

C) more excited

D) excited

E) excite

20. Правильный вариант глагола

Mom, let me ____London.

A) will visit

B) visited

C) visiting

D) to visit

E) visit

Инструкция: «Вам предлагаются задания, в которых могут быть один или несколько правильных ответов. Выбранный ответ необходимо отметить на листе ответов путем полного закрашивания соответствующего кружка».

21. Подходящ(ий/ие) суффикс(ы)


A) er

B) ful

C) drop

D) fall

E) ness

F) able

G) bow

H) en

22. Дополните предложение подходящим(и) слов(ом/ами)

I don’t like going by car. I always go on _______

A) footbridge

B) footstep

C) footrace

D) foot-slog

E) footing

F) feet

G) foot

H) foot-path

23. Правильный вариант слов(а)

a piece of equipment that does a particular thing

A) innovation

B) sustainability

C) invention

D) gadget

E) device

F) high-tech

G) capability

H) broadband

24. Эквивалент(ы) подчеркнутой части предложения

What’s his name? Oh, I can’t remember, it’s on the tip of my tongue.

A) stop talking

B) enjoy eating

C) be adored

D) have free time

E) about to be spoken

F) be loved

G) to be remembered

H) be quiet

25. Дополните предложение верно

_______ some milk in the jug.

A) There was

B) Were there

C) This

D) There are

E) There is

F) Are there

G) There

H) There were

26. Дополните предложение верно

Could you give ____ when she comes?

A) Mary to card

B) card to this Mary

C) to this card Mary

D) this card to Mary

E) Mary to this card

F) Mary to this card

G) to Mary this card

H) to card Mary

27. Подходящ(ий/ие) вариант(ы) местоимения

“What a nice baby! Is _____ a boy or a girl?”

A) she

B) his

C) he

D) its

E) it

F) they

G) her

H) him

28. Предложени(е/я) с временной формой глагола в Continuous

A) He is fond of reading

B) The girl playing with dolls is my daughter

C) Having plenty of time we decided to walk to the station

D) I enjoy listening to music

E) When I came home my father was watching TV

F) On coming into the room he turned on a TV set

G) After saying this he left the room

H) She is listening to me attentively

29. Вариант(ы) предложения в Subjunctive

A) If we had had a map we wouldn’t have lost our way.

B) I wish I had seen him yesterday.

C) The child asks his mother, “What time is it?”.

D) If you had worked harder at university I would have a degree now.

E) If I ate cake I would get fat.

F) I wish he were with us.

G) If I find time I’ll try to help you.

H) If you heat water it boils.

30. Правильн(ая/ые) форм(а/ы) глагола

I______ play tennis a lot, but I don’t play very often now.

A) to use to

B) using

C) used to

D) to used to

E) to using

F) have used to

G) use to

H) to use

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