Nature of Almaty. Medeu. Open lesson

Гомотетия және оның қасиеттері
The theme of the lesson: Nature of Almaty. Medeu
a) educational: to increase pupils knowledge about nature of Almaty and about Medeu, continue shaping the skills in using lexis on the theme “Medeu”

b) Developing: to develop pupils skills and habits in speaking, in reading, in listening, in writing
c) Bring — up: to bring up pupils to be more kind and friendly.

Type: travel lesson, demonstrative and new lesson
Method: explanation, question — answer, individual work, “travelling by Almaty game’ “Leader of XXI century” intellectual game.
Visual aids: interactive board, slides, pictures, test.

The outline of the lesson
I. Organization moment.

a) Greeting
b) Checking — up list
c) Checking – up homework
What was your homework?
Review Step 3. Sights of Almaty
You see map of Almaty. Where is Almaty?
Have you ever been to Almaty?
Ok, Dear pupils I will check your homework by “Travelling to Almaty”
We will travel to Almaty by bus. We have four bus stop in every stop you should answer the questions. I will your guide. Who answered I’ll give you score. Who get so many score at the end, will be a winner or “Leader of XXI century”.
Our first travel to squares of Almaty.
1. What do you know about Old square and Republic square?
2. Which square do you like best?
Our second travel to the parks of Almaty.
1. What parks of Almaty do you know?
2. Do you like to go to the parks?
Our third travel to the museums of Almaty.
1. Are there any museums in Almaty?
2. Can you say the name of the museum which was founded in 1980?
Our fourth travel to Medeu.
Watching video. About “Almaty”
II. Main part.

Our new theme: Step 4. Nature of Almaty. Medeu
a) What do you know about Medeu, Shymbulak, Peak Talgar, Khan Tangri and Kokzhailau?
Doing exercise
Listening and Reading
First read and practice the pronunciation of the following words. Listen and repeat the English words.
Vocabulary and Pronunciation.
Gorge — шатқал
Refrigerate – суыту, мұз қатыру
Birch — аққайың
Dike – бөгет
Landslide – көшкін, қар көшкіні
Capacity – сыйымдылығы
Group work/ Jigsaw reading
Divide the class into two groups.
Group A: read the text and make up the questions
Group B: read the text and make up the questions then they exchange questions and answer the questions.

The world’s famous skating rink Medeu was built in 1972 in a picturesque gorge located 15 km. from Almaty. Its 10, 500 sq. meter ice area is the best place for outdoor world competitions in speed skating, Russian hockey figure skating and other sports events. Special refrigerating equipment provides the ice — cover of the skating field 8 months a year and ice tracks are kept ready for skating all year round. Over 120 world records have been set there by the world’s strongest skaters. It is open for public skating December through March. Admission: about US $ 4. Skaters rent is available on the first floor outside of the rink.

A hotel is located near the rink. At 1691 — meters above sea level, nature lover will find beautiful mountain scenes surrounding the skating rink. The Medeu Gorge is bordered by mountain ridges: Kim asars on the west, Kabyrgatau on its east. A road runs through Medeu gorge towards the Mynzhylky gorge. The gorge has 21, 000 hectare of forests with birches, Tien Shan spruces, and mountain ashes.
One of the attractions is a dike built in the valley of the Kishkene Almaty river to protect the city from landslides. The dike’s collector has an impressive capacity of 6, 000, 000 cubic meters of water. It is this dike that has kept back a disastrous landscape in 1973.

Answer the questions.
When was Medeu built?
How much Medeu’s ice area meter?
What does equipment provide the ice — cover?
When is it open for public skating?

Preparing a poster.
1. Sight of Almaty
2. Nature of Almaty
III. Conclusion
1. What is the capital of Kazakhstan? 
a/London b/Astana c/Almaty d/New york 
2. How many people live in Kazakhstan? 
a/17 mln. b/12 mln. c/19 mln. d/14 mln. 
3. What country doesn’t it border? 
a/China b/Turkmenistan c/The USA d/Uzbekistan 
4. What is the official language of Kazakhstan? 
a/ Kazakh b/Russia c/English d/Turkish 
5. When is the Independence Day of Kazakhstan? 
a/16th of December b/31st of August 
c/ 25th of December d/ 8th of march 
6. What sport in Shimbulak is famous for? 
a/skating b/skiing c/hiking d/mountain climbing 
7. Medeo is? 
a/ The world highest skating rink b/The city’s biggest shopping center 
c/Nature reserve d/Village near almaty 
8. Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan until? 
a. 1990 c. 1995 
b. 1997 d. 1993 
9. The area of Kazakhstan is? 
a. 2.753000 square km c.6.707000 square km 
b. 1.655000 square km d.2.235000 square 
10.Is Charyn Canyon …. than Grand Colorado Canyon? 
a/bigger b/higher c/taller d/smaller 
11.Khan Tangiri is border? 
a/Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, China b/Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan 
c/China, Uzbekistan, Russia d/Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, China 
12.What’s Khan Tangiri? 
a/Mountains b/Lake c/River d/Canyon 
13.Is Peak Talgar the highest? 
a.4973 b.4223 c.5670 d.5200 
14.What is Shymbulak ? 
a/Skiing resort b/River c/Lake d/Peak 
15.Where is situated our country? 
a/Europe b/Central Asia c/ Great Britain d/ the USA .

A) Homework
Retell the text “Medeu”

Project work. Collect information about Medeu.
b) Evaluation. Who is a winner? Who gets a lot of score?
You were very active. Thank you very much.
“You are Leader XXI of century” My congratulations!
Have a nice day! The lesson is over!