Smart friends ағылшын тілінен ашық сабақ

Collaborative lesson planning: Maximizing the influence of lesson study

Smart friends

Form: 5
Theme: “Smart friends”
The aims of the lesson:
— To revise a new words, to develop the pupil’s habit’s of reading, speaking, writing, to support an interest to the English lesson and promote interpersonal relationship of pupils.
Visual aids: interactive board, pictures, cards etc.
The type of the lesson: competition lesson
Method of teaching: question — answer, multiple choice, matching
Leading: Good morning children, teachers and guests. We are glad to see you. Welcome to our “Smart friends” competition. Well, today’s competition we have three teams. They are: girls and boys. We will introduce today’s competition’s rounds.

They are called:
I. Introduction
II. Who is the best?
III. Reading the text and translated.

IV. Polyglot
V. Fairy tale

VI. Test
VII. The competition for captains
Well, let me introduce the member of juries:

Ok, let’s begin competition 1st round introduction.

Wе are boys,
We did not play toys.
We are read English
To develop the knowledge.

We are girls
Wе are clever
We will be
A nice pupil ever.

Thank you, very much. The next round “Who is the best?”. Pupils, look at the interactive board, there are six books. Each books has got one questions. You must choice one book and answer the question.
One, two, three, let’s go!

2. Second round: “Who is the best?”

1st team captain:
1. How many seasons in a year? (four)
2. The epic novel “Abai” is the work of ……….(Mukhtar Auezov)
3. What’s the capital of America? (Washington)
4. What colors are on Kazakhstan Flag? (blue and yellow)
5. When do we pick fruits? (in autumn)
6. The great Kazakh poet? (Abai)
7. What month is it now? (September)

2 nd team captain:
1. What’ the capital of Kazakhstan? (Astana)
2. Eating in the evening is called what? (Supper)
3. The first capital of Kazakhstan? (Kyzylorda)
4. How many months in a year? (Twelve)
5. What is the state language of Kazakhstan? (Kazakh)
6. What’s the capital of England? (London)
7. How many days in a week? (Seven)

3 rd team captain:
1. What country do you live in? (Kazakhstan)
2. When is Nauryz celebrating? (The 22nd of March)
3. What’s the season now? (Autumn)
4. What color are the leaves in autumn? (Yellow)
5. Eating in the morning is called what? (Breakfast)
6. What’s the official language of the United Kingdom? (English)

7. A little child? (baby)

III. Reading the text and translated.

Ok, pupils the 4th round called “Polyglot”. That is there are a lot of balloons. Each balloon has got Kazakh riddles. You must find its answer and translate into Russian and English.

1. Қабақ — қабат қаптама,
Ақылың болса аттама. (Кітап — Книга — Book)

2. Жазу жазып жалықпаған,
Жаза — жаза арықтаған. (Бор — Мель — Chock)

3. Ашылып, жабылады,
Әр үйден табылады. (Есіk — дверь — Door)

4. Гүл ұшып, гүлге қонады,
Гүл бақшам гүлге толады. (Көбелек — Бабочка — Butterfly)

5. Төрт қарны бар,
Бір аузы бар. (Үй — Дом — House)

6. Ұшында бір тамшы,
Уы бар сұр қамшы. (Жылан — Змея — Snake)

7. Қалқиған ұзын құлағы
Елеңдеп қорқып тұрады. (Қоян — Зайц — Rabbit)

8. Күші десе, күші бар
Тісі десең, тісі бар.
Торуылдап ауылды
Түнде жортар ісі бар.(Қасқыр — Волк — Wolf)

V. Fairy tale

The 6th round “Test”.
1. Болымсыз сөйлемді толықтырыңыз.
I___ not play football
A) does
B) was
C) did

2. Сөйлемді ағылшын тіліне аударыңыз.
Мен теннис ойнаған жоқпын
A) He does not play tennis
B) I do not play tennis
C) You do not play tennis

3. Болымсыз сөйлем құрастырыңыз.
Does, watch, she, not, TV
A) She does not watch TV
B) Does she not watch TV
C) Not does she watch TV

4. Осы шақтағы сұраулы сөйлемнен, болымды сөйлем жазыңыз.
Do you walk?
A) I walk
B) I did not walk
C) I do not walk

5. Сan модаль етістігін дұрыс қолданыңыз
A) Swim can I
B) I swim can
C) I can swim

The 7th round “The competition for captains”
Translate these words into in English.

1) Ана — mother
Ата — grandfather
Мектеп — school
Мұғалім — teacher
Кіруге болама — may I come in?
Рахмет — thank you
Отбасы — family
Ақша — money
Жолбарыс — tiger
Қарбыз – watermelon

2) Осы шақ — present simple
Қарындаш — pencil
Көгершін — dove
Үй жұмысы — home work
Әже — grandmother
Әке — father
Кітап — book
Оқушы — pupil
Шығуға болама?- May I go out?
Мезгіл – season

3) Маймыл — monkey
Жылан — snake
Пенал — pencil — case
Қауын — melon
Өткен шақ — past simple
Қалам — pen
Қоян — rabbit
Сынып жұмысы — class work
Сызғыш – ruler

Сөмке — bag

— Teacher: dear juries, please, conclude all points of rounds. If juries to come a conclusion, make winners public, please.
Dear teachers, pupils thank you for your attention we are pleased very

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