The ABCLand — Englishland

Гомотетия және оның қасиеттері

The theme of the lesson: The ABCLand — Englishland

The aims of the lesson:

1.To introduce pupils with the new material and to explain them the new grammar rule of the nouns, to check pupils knowledge of English language, to teach phonetics;

2.To develop speaking abilities, logical thinking and listening habits;

3.To bring up pupils’ interest in learning English;

The method of the lesson: question-answer, group work, pair work, games.

The type of the lesson: Non-traditional lesson

The new technology: games and critical thinking

Visual aids: interactive board, slides and pictures, letters, numbers, a CD video.

Grammar material: The nouns.

Inter-subject connection: Kazakh, Russian and Music.
Stages The procedure of the lesson.
I. Organization moment. a) greeting; b) introducing the aims of the lesson;


Warming up

2. Psychological moment

3. Practice.

4. Watching a video

Teacher: Hello! Hello! How are you?

Pupils: I am great, great, great. I am happy, happy, happy.

I am OK, OK, OK. I am sad, sad, sad.

You are welcome. Today we’ll have an unusual lesson today.We talk about the letters, recite poems, sing songs, watch videos and we’ll play a lot of games. You’ll get bright stars for your correct answers and at the end of the lesson we’ll count your stars and award you with medals. I hope the lesson will be interesting for you and you will enjoy it.

It’s time to say “Hello, hello” and start our lesson.

— You are so merry as this sun!

— You are so beautiful as these flowers!

— You are so friendly as these friends!

Look at the screen and say the letters in English. ABC-Land

Let’s sing our favourite song together!

1.Letter A a, A a, A a. Listen [ a], [ a], [ a].

Apple, ant, Ademy, Astana.I am Ademy. I am from Astana.

2. Letter B b, B b, B b. Listen [ b], [ b], [ b].

Bag, banana, baby, boy. My name is Boby. It’s my toy.

3. Letter C c, C c, C c. Listen [ k], [ k], [ k].

Cat, car, copy, count.What’s this? A lazy crab.

A-B-C-D-E-F-G, A-B-C-D-E-F-G, A-B-C-D-E-F-G

Thank you, children. It’s fun to sing English songs! You know the letters very well.

II. Presentation

of the new theme.

  1. Listening
  2. Speaking
  3. Writing
  4. Relaxation

a). I can read, I can write. I can speak English too.

I love learning English. What about you?

Name the next letter! H h [h]

b)Let’s sing our favourite song together!

Letter H h, H h, H h. Listen [ h], [h], [ h].

III. Conclusion of the lesson.

а). Group work. Riddles

I-group. What is this? Бұл не?

  1. It is red and sweet and I Like it to eat. (Aa — an apple)
  2. We have friends, they can not play. And can not see.

But this is good, to you and for me. (Bb — a book)

  1. It can tell you all the day, time to sleep and time to play. (Cc — a clock)
  2. My name is Jack, my ears are white and my head is black. (Dd — a dog)

II-group What is this? Бұл не?

  1. Айдалада ақ отау, аузыб мұрны жоқ отау. (Ee — egg)
  2. Жазда жайнайды, қыста самғайды. (Ff — flower)
  3. Анаңның анасы… (Gg – grandmother )
  4. Cәлем – сөздің анасы. (Hh — hello)

b) Let’s relax. sing a song “How many flies”

How many flies, how many flies

1,2,3,4,5 – 5 flies.

How many flies, how many flies

1,2,3,4 – 4 flies.

How many flies, how many flies

1,2,3 – 3 flies.

How many flies, how many flies

1,2 – 2 flies.

How many flies, how many flies

1 fly, fly, fly. Good-bye! Good-bye!

c) Did you like the lesson? Why?

Now it’s high time to count your stars. Please count them and look at the table on the board. The result of your great work you’ll get your medals.


You are a leader,

you are always active!

You are full of ideas, fantasy and energy! You like to work!You are a friendly person!
IV. Home-task. ABC, New words and pictures.
V. Mark the pupils.

Together, together together every day

Together, together, we work and play.

Teacher: Let’s finish our lesson. Thank you. You are very active, attentive and bright. You are a leader. You like to work. I enjoyed your work today. Thank you for your wonderful work. Have a nice day!