London and transport in London тақырыбындағы ағылшын тілінен ашық сабақ

“Шығармалардағы әдіс –амалдарды жетілдіру” Ашық сабақ

The theme: London and transport in London

Aims: to get more information about London and the transport, to develop pupil’s speaking, thinking, listening and reading skills and abilities

Form: travelling lesson

Type: mixed lesson

Method: question- answers, group work, individual works

Visual aids: Slides, pictures, cards.

The procedure of the lesson.

  1. Org moment.
  2. Greeting. – Good day, students! Sit down, please! How are you?
  3. Duty’s report: — Who is on duty today? Who is absent? Whаt date is it today? What day is it today? What was your home task?
  4. Checking up the home task: ex 10 at page 118

Pupils read the grammar exercise one by one

I period. Organization moment and ‘Brain storm activities’
    1. Dear students today we will go to London. Do you want to go to London? Before travelling we must buy a plane ticket and fly to London. Pleas come here and take one tickets
    2. What is the picture in your ticket? How do you think the theme of our new lesson will be?

The them of our new lesson is London and Transport in London

I wish you good trip my dear students

KWL chart

Know Want to know Learned

II period. Intellectually learn the new theme

So we arrived to London.

And to travel we need a transport.

If you want to continue the trip you must read the text about Transport in London

Theory “To know”
Work with the text in group:
  • London buses are always red, but buses in other areas can be any colour. If a bus has two floors it’s called a double decker and you can get a good view from the top. If it has only one floor it’s called a single decker.
  • Buses have a two person crew it’s a driver who drives, of course, and the conductor (or the conductress if it’s a woman) who takes your money. Keep your ticket as the inspector might want to check it. You catch a bus waiting at a bus stop.
  • For longer distances take a long-distance bus called coach which is slower but cheaper.
  • A double — decker bus has an upstairs (top) and a downstairs (inside). The use of the word “inside” for the lower deck dates from the early days when the top deck was open, so that only passengers on the lower deck were inside. People queue for buses in Britain. But you shouldn’t jump the queue: people don’t like it. Only a limited number is allowed to stand inside. And no one may stand on top. Smoking is allowed on top but you cannot smoke inside.
Now we came to the Trafalgar Square

Show the information about Trafalgar Square slide 7

If you want continue the trip you must do the next task


“To understand”

Answer the questions.

  1. Thе bus having only one floor is ….. ?
  2. The bus having two floors is……..?
  3. Thе person who drivers is……… ?
  4. The man who takes your money is……… ?
  5. A long- distance bus called ………..?
  6. The man who check your ticket is……..?

Now we came to the Buckingham Palace

Show the information about Buckingham Palace slide 9

If you want continue the trip you must do the next task


“To analyze”

Exercise 2 p 119

The bus having only one floor is a single-decker

The bus ……….. is a double-decker

The person ………. is a driver

The man ……… is a conductor

The man ………. is an inspector

Now we came to the Big Ben

Show the information about Big Ben slide 16

If you want continue the trip you must do the next task


“To know”

With method ‘Clever hat’

Everybody knows that all transport have their own positive and negative aspects. You must find advantages and disadvantages of travelling by bus and by taxi,

The first team you will wear a black hat. It means that you should think of disadvantages.

The second team you will wear yellow a hat. You’ll try to find out only advantages of every kind of travelling. I give you 5 minutes for preparing.

Now we came to  The Houses of Parliament

Show the information about Big Ben slide 18

If you want continue the trip you must do the next task


“To use”

They say advantages and disadvantages of travelling by bus and by taxi

The taxi is quick, comfortable, fast and the Expensive

The bus depend on timetable, you have to buy a ticket and slow e.t.c

Very good my dear students today we were so active and clever

Thank you for your active work

The next task is conclusion

1.The conclusion. Ok, what do you learned about London?

  1. London is the capital of Great Britain.
  2. The Houses of parliament – it is the place where government works.
  3. Big Ben — it is the clock.
  4. Buckingham Palace is the residence of the Queen.
  5. The Tower of London is the historical monument
  6. Westminster Abbey is the church.

Feed back: Give me your KWL chart

Giving marks: with KWL chart

See you later! You may go. Good-bye!